Effective Presentation Skills

for Assurance Professionals

Presenting assurance and audit information to others is a regular aspect of the job, whether on a one-to-one or group basis. This course helps to develop the skills required to present information to individuals, regardless of their knowledge and expertise.



This course is aimed at any assurance professional seeking to improve how they present information to others.

Course Overview

This one-day course will explain the basic principles of leadership and management, and will help all accountants and finance professionals grasp the critical behaviours and techniques required when managing and leading a team.

From £59 per team member
Improving how we
Communicate with others

Course Overview

Effective communication is a critical skill that all assurance professionals require, yet it is often an area that causes the most challenges within an organisation. This one-day course will highlight some of the main reasons why our attempts at communicating fail to have the impact we expect.

Who Should Attend?

Any assurance professional aiming to improve how they communicate to others.


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