Improving Emotional Regulation

and Stress Management

Dealing with and managing pressure is a frequent occurrence for many finance professionals, sometimes leading to stress and even illness. This one-day course provides comprehensive learning tools on how to improve your response to stress and manage your emotions more effectively.



This course is aimed at finance professionals at all levels. Any individual that experiences stress or pressure in their role would benefit from attending this course.

Course Overview

This one-day course will explain the basic principles of leadership and management, and will help all accountants and finance professionals grasp the critical behaviours and techniques required when managing and leading a team.

From £59 per team member
An Introduction to 
Emotional Intelligence as a 
Finance Professional

Course Overview

The importance of emotional intelligence has grown extensively in recent years, as individuals and organisations have realised the value of EQ, rather than IQ. This one-day course is specifically tailored towards developing emotional intelligence in the area of finance.

Who Should Attend?

Any finance professional seeking to understand the basic principles of emotional intelligence and why this is important to their role. This course is aimed at finance professionals at all levels.

From £69 per team member
Developing and Building
Effective Relationships
in an Finance

Course Overview

Relationship building and management skills are important aspects of an effective finance team and this course examines the key attributes required. This comprehensive one-day course aims to enhance how your team interacts with others.

Who Should Attend?

Any finance professional that recognises the importance of building and maintaining relationships in their role. This course is aimed at finance professionals at all levels.


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